Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You can't make me smile!

Here is a sneak peek at a few more sweet girls.  K goes to school with my Moses. (great preschool--- PCNS!)  K's mama was smart to win a photoshoot at the school auction this year!  And what better day to do a shoot then on K's little sister's birthday! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY little C!  And let me tell you that little C made me WORK for a smile.  I got NOTHING... but her dad pulled through for me.  (phewwww!)  Enjoy these.


Fall is coming to an end (sad face).  But before all the leaves hit the ground, we had some time to romp through the fields of Gore Estate again!  This time it was with these two lovely little ladies and their soon to appear little sibling!  I'm posting these pics as my little J is sitting at my leg repeating his latest obsession (Mater, mater, mater).  During this shoot, sweet little Myla had to have her chapstick in hand/ pocket at all times. And of course several times throughout the morning we lost the chapstick in the massive fields of Gore Estate.  She is a hooooot!  Anyways...thoroughly enjoyed my time Bethany and Adam! Thanks so much. (Here's your sneak peek!)  

(BLOGGER DISCLAIMER:  blogger keeps converting certain images from B&W to the sepia tint...all sepia images are actually B&W...although sepia is lovely too.  ugggg blogger)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Picnic at the farm

Well today I had a few shoots (stay tuned for their cuteness), and Jeff brought the boys by at the tail end for a picnic.  Not planning ahead (per my usual), I didn't leave out outfits for the boys in the remote chance I would be able to snag a few shots of them. SOOOO, off with the shirts and we have farm boys!  Every mama thinks their kids are cute. So without further cuteness!