Friday, October 30, 2009

I do love fall in New England! This past weekend Jeff and I snuck away down to Houghton's Pond with Emi, Voytek and their kiddos; Mika and Immanuel! Beautiful colors...crisp fall air... and of course lots of fun family pictures. I think 3yo's are probably one of the hardest clients, but none the less...the word "boogies" goes a long way!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I got to hang out with Alex and capture some senior portraits! As you can see... she's way pretty and takes great photos...despite what she tells you...Anyways... it was a lot of fun to run around Newton Center... and Newton Corner... not to mention we got to grab starbuckies after the shoot....Something you can't do with toddlers! Here are just a few quick edits from our shoot...


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

 Introducing....Anna Grace! I had a hard time putting her down to take pictures... she's a snuggler and so am I! Here are just a few snaps of her first shoot!


Sunday I had fun with the Petersen's out in the woods of Dover MA! Nothing like backyards with hammocks and tree forts! I think this is the first time I realized that the Petersen clan is starting to turn into young adults...AHHHH! It is fun to watch and see who and what kids turn into!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Well this was certainly the easiest baby-shoot I've had! Melissa is bestfriends with my sister-in-law Chris and is expecting in December. (CONGRATS!) Melissa and Peter were married at Brooksby Farms and that is where we returned to capture this special time! Jeff and I got to get a nice fall fix as well...we came home with cider donuts, cider, mums, pumpkins (a white one! who knew they made white pumpkins), apples and swirly bread! YUM!

I thought 5 babies was a challenge! Check this one out! I had the opportunity to do a family shoot for the Choi's, whom I met through PCNS. They are a really fun family with three high energy boys! Not to mention they are quite the characters. We had a great time on the Wellesley Town Hall.



You think a family shoot is challenging...Try a photo-party for 5 babies under 9 months! One of my bestfriends Melissa, decided to give framed prints as baby gifts to her 4 mommy friends! I think its a brilliant idea!!! How many feetie-pj's does a baby need...Ladies... give photo packages for your next baby shower gift!!! Here are a few of the pictures from that shoot!

This summer, Jeff and I had a great opportunity to vacation with the Campbell family to the Outer Banks, NC (OBX). Lots of fun in the sun, few stings of the jellies, wild ponies and of course...lots of pictures!


It is always fun to watch your friends have babies! It cracks me up what we can all create! Margaret and Lillian (Maggie and Lily) are the beautiful girls belonging to my childhood friend Meghan! We had a fun time at Waverley Oaks Park in Waltham.  Maggie is quite the character...and lots of fun!